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Wells Dam Fish Counts
The Wells Hydroelectric Project is the last dam on the Columbia River to provide fish passage.

Priest Rapids and Wanapum Dams Fish Counts
Grant PUD provides counts of adult fish migrating through the right and left bank fishways at Priest Rapids and Wanapum dams.

Rock Island and Rocky Reach Fish Counts
Fish counts provided by Chelan County PUD.

Sherars Falls Fish Counts
The Sherars Falls Adult Salmon and Steelhead Trap is located at river mile 43 on Oregon's Deschutes River. The trap captures an unknown proportion of adult fall Chinook salmon and summer steelhead that are passing over Sherars Falls.

Winchester Dam - Umpqua River Fish Counts
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife maintains a fish counting station at Winchester Dam, located approximately 118 river miles from the Pacific Ocean, near the town of Roseburg on the North Umpqua River.

Willamette Falls Fish Passage Counts
Fish counting through Willamette Falls fishway occurs at the main viewing window. Video cameras and time lapsed video recorders are used to record fish passage 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year. The schedule for reviewing the tapes is Monday through Friday.

Powerdale - Hood River Fish Counts
Every adult salmon and steelhead that attempt to swim up the Hood River must pass over Powerdale Dam at river mile 4 and pass through the Powerdale Fish Facility.

GoldRay Dam - Rogue River Fish Counts
The existing fish ladders were built in 1940 when the concrete dam was constructed. Modifications/upgrades to the fish ladder and counting station were made in 1940 and 1968.

Columbia River Fish Counts


Oregon Fish Counts
Continuously updated fish counts for Oregon, from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and other organizations.

Fish Passage Center
Provides technical assistance and information to fish and wildlife agencies and tribes, in particular, and the public in general, on matters related to juvenile and adult salmon and steelhead passage through the mainstem hydrosystem in the Columbia River Basin.

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